Learning the ropes

I crochet. I also knit (a little). I enjoy baking cupcakes, and have been known to bake over 100 in one week. I decorate cakes too. Usually just for a family member’s birthday. I sew. I make the occasional card. I make nappy cakes as new baby gifts for friends. I think that may make me a serial crafter. A Jack of all Crafts. Master of… some? I’m not sure.

I’m usually pretty quick at picking up new things, but I must admit I get bored easily. So I flit from one activity to the next depending on what takes my fancy and what projects I have on the go.

I thought blogging might be a good way to motivate myself to finish projects and also to document what I’ve been doing. It will also give me a reason to develop my photography and writing skills, whilst hopefully getting some feedback and new ideas from the wider blogosphere. Oh yes, I’m also a total approval addict, lacking confidence in my creations until they’ve been admired or approved by someone else.

So here I am. Let’s see what happens.


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