So, I have taken up the knitting again and it’s going well so far. I’m working my way up the shaping of the armholes and it’s working up faster than I expected. There is another slightly daunting hurdle coming up, but another Youtube video will set me on my way.

I’ve been reading through the archives of a knitting blog and have seen some beautiful patterns. I also think I’d like to try out continental knitting. I’m working English style at the moment, and it seems like there’s quite a lot of movement in it which could be streamlined so I can work a bit faster.

I’ve spent most of the bank holiday weekend out in the garden which is in need of a lot of work at the moment. I’m not a gardener by any means and we’ve rather let things run wild since we moved in here a few years ago, so we’re just trying to get things under control and then we’ll work on making it more suitable for the boys to play in. We cleaned out and moved the sandpit at least, which Pumpkin was delighted by, and even Pickle enjoyed a brief sit in it. They’ll both enjoy it so much this summer, I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “Onwards

  1. Continental knitting is definitely a change. I only use it when I’m knitting for long stretches, like in stockinette. The problem I’ve been having is getting stitches on the left needle to move up properly. I have to keep stopping to move them manually, which seems to happen more naturally in English style. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I don’t think I have a very good technique, even in English style then, as I frequently need to shuffle stitches along on both needles. I’ll have to work on that a bit, though I guess to a certain extent it comes through practise.

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