Slow progress

I have no intention of this becoming solely a knitting blog, but since I’ve started writing, I seem to have had a lot more interest in and motivation for knitting. I’ve made a good start on the left front panel of my cardigan, though I had to cast on several times before I was happy with it. I could do with a lot more practise on that I think. This is the pattern I’m working on, by the way; Berroco’s March Basic.


The stockinette is pretty mindless, but I want to be comfortable and confident with the basics before I move on to anything more complicated. I definitely need to work some more on my technique; I don’t think I’m controlling the needles and yarn in the most effective way at the moment, but it’s difficult to know how to adjust my position. It took me a long time to get it right for crochet, so I guess I’ll find a way that suits me over time.

I also need to learn some more useful basics like how to correct mistakes and what to do if you need to rip back a couple of rows without ending up ripping the whole thing back to the point of casting on again. Crochet is definitely easier in that regard.

I’ve just bought myself some interchangeable circular needles on a bit of a whim. I had a pattern in mind, but have just realised that I don’t have enough of the yarn I was intending to use for it, which doesn’t really help! I don’t have much of a stash; lots of different colours of Stylecraft Special DK, which I’ve used for various crochet projects, and one or two balls of different things that I’ve bought,  usually because they were reduced and who can resist a bargain!?, but more often than not, I’ll only buy yarn for a particular project.

Meanwhile, I haven’t picked up my crochet hook for weeks, though I’m onto the border rows of my current project, and I’ve not been near my sewing machine since I made myself a crochet hook roll a couple of months ago. I’ve found a little more time for reading recently and am working my way (very slowly) through The Book Thief. My house and garden are getting a lot of attention at the moment as we prepare to do some major work on both. And I’m hoping to get along to some pre-audition workshops over the next week or two for a theatre production that I’d like to get involved in. It’s also a new group (to me), and the production is a musical, which I’ve not done for over ten years, so I am a little daunted, verging on slightly terrified. Wish me luck!


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