Boom and bust

I was doing so well. I learned how to put in a lifeline and rip back. I knit on successfully, with the decreases in the correct places this time, and continued on to the armhole shaping. I was on a roll. I just have the final shoulder decreases and binding off to do and I will have another panel of my cardigan cast off.


Have I mentioned that I’m doing a show? I’m in the chorus for my first musical for 12 years. I’ve done other am dram productions in the mean time, but not a musical since I left my youth theatre at 18. We’re about 5 rehearsals in, and have just been learning the choreography for the big full company number that opens Act 2 of the show. All going swimmingly well until disaster strikes. Some big collision between cast members mid-dance? A trip doing some ambitious step? A fall? No, I managed to kick my own hand and practically broke my finger. 3 hours spent in A&E (thankfully sans children and with a good book) and I’m all strapped and slinged up for at least the next week, so no knitting for me for a while. I think we’ll call that a fail!


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