Bouncing back

Thankfully my injured finger has improved faster than I expected, so I’m able to use it again, though it’s still rather bruised and quite stiff.

I’ve been going a little crazy seeing my knitting sitting next to the computer with only around 30 stitches left to knit and bind off, so I’ve just done that. It was a little awkward to hold, as my grip isn’t at full strength and I can’t bend my injured finger properly, but I’ve managed to cast off the panel.

Front left

Two down, three to go. I’m really pleased with how this is coming along, and the increasing speed with which it progresses when I actually find the time to sit down and knit. I certainly feel like I’m learning and remembering as I go along, which was of course the point of the project. Well, that, and having a new cardigan to wear at the end.


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