I did complete that pair of socks, y’know.


These ones.

They were actually a surprisingly quick and pretty straightforward knit. My only real problem with them was my total lack of knowledge about sizing. I was knitting them for Pickle and thought I’d measured quite carefully, but they ended up fitting Pumpkin instead. That and Pickle was utterly unimpressed with them anyway and tore them off his feet at the earliest opportunity.

So, here’s Pumpkin doing a spot of sock modelling for me.

IMAG2056IMAG2054 IMAG2052As you can see in the last picture, the ribbing around the top was a bit on the baggy side. With hindsight, I should have gone down a needle size, only I was already using the smallest ones I currently own. Hmmm… I guess I’d better invest in a few more tips for my interchangeables. What a chore!


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