Sneaky peek

Pumpkin and Pickle have been packed off to their grandparents for the week. I took them up and stayed a couple of nights, and just look what greeted me on the side table in my room.


My grandmother’s bowl of cotton reels.

So, aside from rehearsals in the evenings – I should really tell you about those some time – Mr Jack and I have the best part of a week of child-free time to ourselves. Bliss! Well, if bliss involves wading through piles of paperwork and attempting to reclaim the house from under piles of unopened post, children’s drawings (many many many of them!), and general stuff. I’m sure it must be breeding.

But! On the plus-side, it has given me the opportunity to return to my little desk that I started painting way waaaaay back in the summer, and still haven’t finished.


So here’s a little sneaky peek at what I’m working on, and hopefully I’ll have some finished pictures to show you by the end of the week.



Do you have a project that you’ve been desperate to finish but just unable to find the time to dedicate to working on it?

Speaking of which, I’ve finally tracked down and purchased another ball of yarn for my cardigan, so I may have another finished object to show you before long!

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