Circumstances have conspired to put crafting on a temporary hiatus here at Jack of All Crafts.

Show week coincided with Pumpkin’s last week of term at school, which meant I was pretty much run off my feet. I usually bake a few cupcakes for my fellow castmates and crew, but between rehearsals, shows and usual term time activities, and attending all the end of term assemblies and fundraising events at school, I didn’t have the time or energy to manage even a small batch.

Pumpkin came down with chicken pox on the Saturday of the show, so the plans we’d had to go out and do things with family who were visiting rather fell by the wayside. A couple of days stuck at home with the small people had me feeling a bit cooped up and restless, but then I was struck down by the mother of all colds, and have pretty much been in bed or on the sofa feeling just awful ever since. I’ve never known anything like it! I think I’m on day 5 or 6 and it’s showing little sign of letting up. I’m almost reluctant to call it a cold, because that makes it sound so trivial, when it’s more like some kind of evil mutant megacold. I’ll spare you the details!

I managed only a couple of rows of knitting over the weekend. Mostly, just managing to breathe has been an achievement in itself. Being unable to do much other than thinking, has left me mulling over ideas for Pickle’s birthday cake. I have a vague plan in mind now, but given that it’s his birthday next week and I have nothing planned as a celebration and am a little reluctant to commit to anything as I fear he may also be down with the pox around then, vague is as far as it gets.

Oh dear. Here’s to hoping normal service might resume soon.


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