‘Scuse the cobwebs round here. Is anybody still visiting?

It’s show week once again, so knitting has gone on hold, and I’ve been practising stage-craft instead. Singing, dancing and lots of incredible costumes. Hundreds, in fact. I am totally in awe of the sewing talents of the wardrobe mistresses for this show. We have over 200 costumes in this production, with about 40 or so cast members. Backstage is a bit crazy, it must be said, and there are some mad quick changes going on! It’s such great fun though, and it must look spectacular from the audiences point of view!

Baking for cast and crew was achieved yesterday. 40 cupcakes baked and iced in one afternoon. Not bad going. Actually, it was 41 cakes, as Mr Jack has imposed a cake tax so he doesn’t miss out when I bake for other people.

IMAG2546I think next week may hold a spot of sewing actually, as I need to throw together a few costumes for us all to wear on our big family gathering. It’s a pirate theme this year, so I need to find something suitably swashbuckling for us all, though as I carry Pickle in a sling and he peers over my shoulder, I thought I might make him into a parrot!