Pickle and I went on an adventure at the weekend, taking the train up to stay with my parents for a couple of days. Whilst we were there, I wandered up to the local yarn shop, in search of ‘Clanger Pink’.Ā  The shop assistant was most helpful, and even produced a full book of patterns which I used for colour matching. The best match was a ball of Stylecraft in Pale Rose so, mindful of having to lug a suitcase and a two year old home on the train, I purchased that and nothing else. How very restrained!

I have the pattern already from the CBeebies website and printed it off yesterday, so that I have no more reason to procrastinate over starting it. Aside from, you know, life stuff, which feels a bit crazy at the moment.



3 thoughts on “Clangers

  1. Wow, amazing … buying only one ball of yarn. šŸ™‚ I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this.
    Looking forward to see the finished clanger.
    Many greetings from Virginia, ivonne

    • I’m not much of a stasher. Well, I try not to be. I try to only buy yarn when I know what I’m going to use it for. That of course doesn’t mean that I haven’t accumulated rather a lot of half-used balls leftover from various projects which I may or may not find another use for at some point in the future!
      Danke fuer den Kommentar!

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