Clanger progress

Well, that was faster than I expected!

I already have all of the knitted components of Pumpkin’s Clanger all made up and laid out. Look!


One head/body/legs, two arms, two sets of fingers, two ears and 2 ear-edgings. It’s the first time I’ve knitted something with so much shaping, including short rows, and the first time I’ve done i-cord, but each piece is so small, they just dropped off my needles in no time!

I ventured into town this afternoon to buy all of the felt and other components I need to finish making up Tiny Clanger, and in doing so, discovered that sadly my local yarn/fabric/haberdashery shop is closing at the end of this month. *sadface* Fortunately, a new fabric shop has recently opened in town (though perhaps that contributed to the old one closing…), and since the old shop didn’t have what I needed anyway, I spent my pennies in the new one.  I think I will have to return for some bargains before the end of the month though.

Lots of the Clanger projects I’ve seen on Ravelry say that the sewing up is what takes a long time, but hopefully I’ll have a finished Clanger before too much longer. Then maybe I’ll make a second one for Pickle too.


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