Crazy developments

The stripes are getting crazier. I laid out the cardigan on my lap the other day and was confused as to why it wasn’t lying neatly. It took me a moment to realise it was because it’s asymmetric and that’s pretty much the point. I adjusted the position and just look where I’ve got to!


I’ve reached the end of my first ball of grey and so have spent my afternoon standing in front of the TV catching up on Call the Midwife, hand winding a new skein of yarn using two dining chairs as a sort of makeshift swift. It always takes so much longer than I expect, but now I can get back to my stripes.

I’ve also had my sewing machine out at long last. My box of sewing stuff hadn’t even been opened since the house move but I dug it all out yesterday. Pumpkin has been begging me for the last week or so to take him to ‘Smiggle’ to buy him a pencil case because all his friends at school have them. I’ve steadfastly refused (what a horrible mother!) So he’s been trying numerous ways of outsmarting me. “Daddy can take me shopping and I’ll ask him to buy me one”, “I’ve asked Tilly at school to buy me one”, followed eventually by “I’m going to make one when I get home. Out of paper!”

I politely suggested that paper may not be the most suitable material and he promptly suggested fabric as an alternative  and “can we make one using your sewing machine, Mummy?”

We found some fabric and I set him to work unpicking the zip out of an old school book bag, and then there I was trying to cook tea, referee the children and follow a video tutorial for how to sew a zipped pouch at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn a zip in my life but 5.30pm in a Tuesday evening is as good a time to start as any, right?!

I used this excellent tutorial from Mellysews. and after a slight battle with right sides and wrong sides and a zipper foot I got to grips with it and even Pumpkin had a go on the machine with me and we got it done.



He was bouncing off the walls with excitement when it was finally done and declared it way better than Smiggle and all his friends would want one like his now! Pickle is certainly next in line for one so we’re going shopping for fabric and a zip later this week.


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