And breathe

I’m so glad its finally the holidays, I feel like I might have a chance to catch my breath.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busy. My head has been full to bursting of all the dates and information I needed to remember. This time of year is always kinda crazy with school stuff, but with two children starting new schools in september, this year has been mad. All the usual school events, sports days, school trips, fundraising activities, as well as leavers assemblies and parties and transition days for visiting new schools and the associated paperwork and thought processes involved in making sure nothing gets missed. I’m sure some things have been missed.

But we’ve finally made it to the end of term. We’ve said our goodbyes to school, teachers and friends, and cut the last tie to our old town. When we moved house last year, this was the worst case scenario – having to commute back to our old town for Pumpkin’s school until the very end of the academic year – but I think its actually been a good thing for Pumpkin in the end as he gets to leave at the same time as everyone else and participate in all the leavers activities. Personally though, I’m so happy to be done with the commuting and we’ll save a fortune in petrol costs! I can’t wait to be able to walk to school again in September!

Crafting, as usual, has taken a back seat. I have been working on the first button band, but I’m not happy with how it sits at the neckline and hemline edges. I’m currently debating whether it will block out or whether I need to frog and start again. Sigh. I think it may just need one extra stitch adding in at each end to push the ends of the row out to level with the bind off edge of the neck and hem. I dont have much experience of finishing projects like this, so any suggestions?

The veggies in the garden are coming along well, though something has started munching the mini courgettes.

Ive also had another audition and am waiting to hear what comes of that. Im expecting it to be fifth time unlucky, but ya never know!

Running is also continuing to happen. Today is the first time in several weeks that I’ve not been to the local parkrun. In seven runs I’ve got my time down from over 40mins to just over 33mins. I was really surprised by achieving that personal best last week! I’m still aiming for a sub30 by Christmas, just gotta keep the motivation going.

What’s life like for you right now?


6 thoughts on “And breathe

  1. You have been very busy, haven’t you? It’s not quite as hectic for me, as kids are on their own (sort of, as my daughter lives with us but does work full-time) and I work part-time. I am trying to stock up on inventory for a big craft sale next month, so it keeps me occupied. I have started card weaving, so am having fun with that. I should be packing, as we are moving into our new home in a month or so. It will be nice to have a craft room again. ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy your walks to school; that’s so much better than a commute.

      • Our move is only a few miles, and we are giving ourselves a month or so to get it done. I’m going to have four piles: move, give away, sell and toss. I have to downsize because we won’t have the storage there that we have here. Unless of course I get a seacan…

    • Thanks! I think I’ll try to frog it back to the second row which was all purled so should be ok to pick up, and then do an increase 1 stitch in from each end, rather than picking it all up from scratch again.
      I’m not very good or confident when it comes to the finishing stage but i want it to be right or i won’t want to wear it.

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