You may not know that I lived and worked in Germany for a year in my late teens. I’ve wanted to return for ages, particularly to show my husband and boys where I lived so they can understand and picture that part of my life. We’ve finally made it here, as part of our summer holiday.

Some things are almost exactly the same as they were, so much so it hardly feels possible that fifteen years could have passed! Smells especially evoke such strong associations and bring back particular memories. Other things have moved on, especially many of the people I knew back then, which makes it strange and unfamiliar at the same time as feeling like I’ve stepped back into my old life.

Either way, I’m so glad we came here. I’ve had a lovely couple of days showing the boys around, rediscovering the local area and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. I’m so glad I came back, but I’m happy to be leaving again tomorrow. I feel like I’ve sated the desire to return, told the story to my boys and can turn the page again.

It really is beautiful here though!


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