A quick project

I’m great at coming up with ideas for things I want to do around the house, not so good at deciding the details and terrible at executing the idea from page to practical completion. So this one is an exceptionally quick win for me!

When we come home from school, bags and coats get dumped on and around the stairs, shoes get kicked off wherever, or get lost in a pile in the cupboard, and books letters and homework get strewn around the house, leading to a mad panicked hunt for them when they’re needed the next day.

I decided we needed a sort of docking station for all school related stuff, to keep us more organised and hopefully therefore less stressed!

The space under the stairs has been a ridiculous dumping ground since we moved in and I’ve been trying to decide how to put it to better use, so this seemed like a good way to do it.



The games have been moved upstairs to one of the boys rooms. The wooden cupboard keeps getting shifted around and hasn’t found a home yet. Everything else got shoved out of the way to make space.

We have repurposed the white toy unit to make a hallway bench/ bag and shoe cubby. I dug out a couple of old empty magazine holders so the boys can put any books, homework or letters in them. A set of pegs above was the only thing I bought especially, and….


Everything is in one place and ready to go in the morning.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, the piles of bags and shoes are still there, just out of shot under the bottom of the stairs. My house is far from perfect, it’s a work in progress, but I’m happy to have achieved something this weekend and look forward to seeing how it works for us over the coming weeks. I’ll try to do an update later on.

What setups and tricks do you have to keep you organised?

7 thoughts on “A quick project

  1. We only have one at school, the youngest goes to preschool and childminder so we don’t have too much to be ready. I do lots the night before. I love the set up, and I’m glad I’m not the only one with mess under the stairs!

    • It’s definitely easier with only one at school. My youngest has just started. The first couple of weeks have been fine, but I am not good at keeping on top of things and I know that as we get further into term I will frequently be on the verge of spiralling out of control if i have to keep track of two sets of school stuff. Fortunately Pumpkin being a bit older now means he is starting to take a bit more responsibility for his own stuff. Well, in theory at least!
      As for the mess, well, shoes and Hoovers have to live somewhere!

  2. We have lots of open space, too. Inevitably it leads to chaotic-looking dump-like heaps of stuff. (Oh, how I hate this!) The kids don’t seem to mind though. They have no problems digging through a pile of shoes and backpacks looking for the needle in the haystack. Grh! So I decided to get a shoe rack with doors and a cabinet for the jackets and backpacks. That way every item has a spot where it belongs plus the doors hide all the chaos. Honestly I really like it even though I have to open the doors very carefully because things only get thrown in and might fall out. ๐Ÿ˜€ But out of sight out of mind.

    Oh and I’m a big fan of curtains to hide things if there is not enough space to fit a drawer or a shelf with doors. Also stackable bins in different colors and shapes can look good and organize things well.

    • Oh I know the feeling well! The wooden cupboard we moved out of the way is actually a shoe cupboard. Then we had a hallway cupboard built into our old house so it got filled with other things instead. I’m starting to think it might need to become a shoe cupboard again.
      It makes such a difference just for things to have a proper ‘home’, a space where they belong, so you know where to return it to. All to often, things in my house don’t have a home, which is why everything is such a mess. Hopefully this is a good little start though.

      • It’s definitely better than before! And also that sort of unshapely space is hard to use efficiently. One had to custom-make a specific furniture to really fill out every usable corner. (And then of course convince the kids to put everything in the said shelf instead of just dropping everything in front of it. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

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