It’s not going well

The button bands are finally finished. I knitted and frogged, knitted again, tinked, knitted and tinked some more before I was finally happy with it, but its all cast off.

The only problem now is that I am rapidly running out of yarn. I have plenty of the teal colour – in fact, a whole skein I’ve not started yet – but this is all I have left of the grey.


I roughly measured it this afternoon and I reckon there’s just under 50m there. That’s barely going to be enough to do the two cuffs, let alone any stripes down the sleeves. I guess I’m going to have to do the sleeves as a solid colour, but its not really the look I was going for. I was hoping to at least have enough grey to do a handful of stripes. I did try to get hold of another skein of grey, but its hand dyed and seemingly a very unusual shade of grey as I couldn’t find anything that came even close to matching.


To make matters worse, I just managed to snap one of my knitpro needles. This is not going well.

What would you do with the sleeves?


5 thoughts on “It’s not going well

  1. Oh no, what a pain. First I would have the yarn to get 2 x 25m balls so equal amounts for each sleeve. Then weigh eash ball. Are your sleeves worked from the cuff up? If so I would do the cast on and first 2 rows in grey, then weigh what is left, to see approx how much each row takes in weight. That’ll tell you how many more rows worth you’ve got with a bit of dividing. Then look at how many rows (again roughly) you have to do to make the sleeves and you can plan yourself out a little pattern using the stripes you can make. They’ll be narrower than on the body but still break it up. Hope that helps a bit! If they’re worked top down then do the sleeve shaping all in teal and don’t start grey until complete rows. Work 2 rows or so then weigh the grey and do the maths, leaving enough for 2 rows grey and cast off at the end of the sleeves. (It wouldn’t end the world if you had to cast off in teal, would it?) Good luck! x (PS I’m sure someone else will have a better idea, that’s just what I would do in your situation.)

    • The sleeves are worked from the top down. The point at which I divided the sleeves from the body was halfway through a 4 row stripe. So I need to start the sleeves with 2 more rows of grey or it will look very odd indeed. I think between those two rows and the cuffs, that’s all the grey gone. I may try dividing the remaining yarn as you say and then cast on the number of stitches there will be at the cuffs to see how many rows I can do with half the yarn so i know how long my cuffs will end up being. That would help with calculating the rest of the knitting.

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