Finally finished!

Please forgive the utterly dreadful photo, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this. Its been about 2 years, and an awful lot of procrastination in the making, but today I finally knuckled down to sewing in the last few ends and attaching the buttons.



It really needs blocking, but I’m so pleased it’s done that I’ve just thrown it on and started wearing it. I’ll block it when it gets washed.

Now I can allow myself to move on to other projects. Hooray!

What’s the longest you’ve worked on a project for?


7 thoughts on “Finally finished!

  1. Oh that’s great! Congratulations!!!
    I just finished a rug I had been working on for fifteen years. There was a lot of procrastination for that too!

  2. Love the stripes being all sorts of widths – a job well done – and it doesn’t matter how long it took , at least you finished it…. from a fellow owner of many WIPS !

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