And so it grows

My knitting speed has slowed considerably over the last couple of weeks, but I am still working on it here and there. My most reliable opportunity to knit is whilst the kids are attending various weekly activities. This was in the car while Pumpkin was at Athletics this week.


I have also been reading a little more recently. I’ve just finished ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez, which is a fascinating study of how data collection, or lack of it, shapes our world, often to the disadvantage of women in all areas of life.

I’m now reading The Martian by Andy Weir, which is rather different!

We’re not on coronavirus lockdown yet in the UK, but it looks like we may be soon. My work is likely to be affected if mass gatherings are banned, but I guess the silver lining would be more time at home to spend reading and knitting!


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