Maybe just one more…?

Despite having many MANY projects on the go, I couldn’t quite resist picking up just one more.

I can’t recall how I first discovered Awesome Pattern Studio. I think a friend may have done one of the cityscape designs, or the local yarn shop posted about their stock of different designs, or maybe I came across them when perusing various online craft shops. However it may be, I have always liked the designs and found myself tempted despite never having done cross stitch before (except perhaps a small kit when I was a child). I’ve always told myself I really don’t need to start another craft, and just enjoyed looking at the designs online.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about things to keep the boys occupied at home and the local yarn shop posted about kids craft kits. We’d all just enjoyed watching the Sewing Bee, and Pumpkin was doing a little sewing project as part of his schoolwork, so I thought they might enjoy a little cross stitch kit each. I enquired with the shop, but sadly the designs the boys had chosen were no longer available, so I abandoned the idea. Only, I found myself coming back to it again and the boys were still keen, so we looked on Etsy for something similar. They ended up choosing the Drama Llama and the Snuggle Monster cat designs from Ellbie co.


So since they were getting lovely cross stitch kits, I figured it was only right that I have a project to work alongside them so I could learn too and be on hand to help them should they need it.

Helllooooo Awesome Pattern Studio!

The kits arrived and I spent a few hours quizzing my cross-stitching friend for tips, and perusing ‘FlossTube’ (apparently that’s a thing for cross stitchers on YouTube!) to learn how to get started and then together we jumped right in.


The boys kits are quite advanced for them – I didn’t realise til we unpacked them that they’re suggested for 14+ – but both of them seem to have got the hang of reading the pattern and making the stitches, so I think they’ll be fine as long as they keep working on them.


And mine? I absolutely love it. It’s easy to pick up and put down, but kind of addictive too. I can just do a few stitches, or sit for hours! It’s got a pull to it because I’m enjoying seeing the shapes emerge and the way the colours play together, and it’s weirdly soothing and meditative, which is exactly the kind of project I need right now.