I finally picked up my needles again yesterday, after what was evidently far too long away.

I knitted around 10 or 12 rows, including a couple of decreases and then counted my stitches. I checked against the pattern. I counted again. I did a little maths. I was very confused. Somehow it just wasn’t adding up correctly, even though every other stage seemed to be correct. The maths in the pattern was definitely right, but somehow my stitch count didn’t match.

I put it down and walked away for a while, but continued to mull over the problem. That’s when I thought to look a little further back in the pattern and realised my mistake. For the last 12 rows, I’d been looking at the wrong size numbers in the pattern. My final stitch count was in fact correct (yay! no frogging), unfortunately my decreases were not (boo, frogging). Given that they don’t line up with the previous decreases, it’s too obvious a mistake to just leave, so it’s time to figure out the best way to frog back 12 rows without messing the whole thing up and having to start again.