Reverse startitis?

It’s been rather a long time, but I’m back to the knitting once more.

I’m not exactly sure what the generally accepted definition of Startitis is in the knitting world. I get the impression it’s when you keep starting new projects before the previous one is finished? In my case, startitis is the opposite – I seem to have a fear of, or at least a reluctance to cast on, despite having just about mastered the basic cast on that I’ve been using. Call it plain old procrastination if you will. I think it’s the perfectionist in me rearing its head.

Anyway, I’ve done battle with the procrastinating perfectionist and won, having cast on and completed the concentration-requiring ribbing section of not one, but two sleeves for my cardigan. It’s the first time I’ve tried knitting two at a time and so far, so good, so long as I remember to knit across both sleeves on each row, and don’t get the yarn tangled!

Getting back to the knitting has of course meant that I’ve got knitting on the brain again, so I’ve been browsing other projects on Ravelry. I’m itching to try out my KnitPro circulars, and I want to try something slightly more interesting, more challenging, but alot smaller. Namely a jumper for my littlest Pickle. I just haven’t picked specifically which one yet. And I am absolutely banning myself from starting anything new before my cardigan is finished, or it will just never get done. It’s already been on my needles for a year, and I want to get it finished soon so I can wear it this winter!

I’m also itching to finish my desk and get it into our new hallway. I’m just waiting on an order of Autentico paint so I can finish the inside, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you all soon.